Kelly Phillips Badal

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I’m a freelance writer with a decade’s worth of writing and editing experience under my belt. Over the past 9 years I’ve been the Senior Editor at Country Living, Lifestyle Editor at Better Homes & Gardens, and the Editorial Producer for both, and Through the years I’ve done a TON of writing, editing, producing, and assigning.

My career has spanned a wide range of my passions: I’ve extensively covered travel, lifestyle, home design, beauty, fashion, food, and DIY. While freelancing over the past year I’ve taken the opportunity to travel extensively, becoming a frequent contributor to BBC Travel,, and Cool Hunting. I’ve also published work in Destinations, Quest, Seventeen, and several other major magazines and websites.

I’m a content strategist, well-versed in SEO, Google Analytics, and content management systems, and I love new challenges. My husband (and frequent collaborator) is travel and lifestyle photographer Tanveer Badal. Together we split our time between New York City, Los Angeles, and wherever our travels take us.

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